March 8, 2012



Last winter, Joanna and Raquel organized a benefit for Hope for India incorporating music, art and DANCE.  The diversity of talents present was beautiful . It was representative of heaven itself.

The event was a real hit, about 400 students came out for the event to learn about Hope for India, how they could help and to support and be entertained by their fellow classmates. Crowded together there in an warehouse church building, sitting on wooden floors with  exposed industrial pipes overhead… the dance began. See video here.

Divine Call Ballet at Hope for India Benefit - photo credit Prescilia Ndjana Divine Call Ballet was worshipful and touching. Leaping and lilting through the air. They danced like no one was there, without abandon, expressing their love for God with their whole selves- ushering in the presence of God so our hearts would be open to His leading.

DNE Bollywood dance group brought together a fusion of old and new Bollywood styles. It was happy and peppy and you couldn’t help but smile and want to join in – moving to the rhythms! The beautiful culture of India here in this space, juxtaposed with photos of the children being helped through the benefit flashing on the wall in the background.

Peacemakers Crew at Hope for India Benefit

Peacemakers Crew break-dance team had people screaming! Surprising and fantastic. You couldn’t stop watching. When it came to free-styling, everyone on the team cheered for whoever jumped/ flipped/ dropped or rocked in… taking turns and enthusiastically joining the voice of the audience in support of each other. Their performance was indicative of how sweet it is when brothers (and sisters!) dwell in unity together. (Psalm 133:1)

DTREX at Hope for India BenefitD-TREX hip hop dance crew was fantastic. They storied through song-mixes and through dance. You couldn’t take your eyes off them. Using jail jumpsuits marked by various sins, they shared the redemptive message of Jesus Christ. We don’t have to be in bondage anymore – we can be set free again. Casting the jumpsuits down, they emerged out dressed in white – renewed and full of life.

The entire night was a metaphor for how we should live as Christians – using every bit of our talents for God, worshiping Him without reserve, fellowshipping together in unity and reaching out to the lost to bring them in.

They raised enough money that night to cover the cost of medicines for the HIV AIDS outreaches in India AND above that goal to also provide extra food for the widow outreaches. THANK YOU! Thank you for using your talents in dance, for stepping out in faith and for having zeal and love that is contagious.

"I just learned that anybody can really accomplish something when they put their mind to it. God uses us all in different ways, we just have to make ourselves available to Him."


"I think that sometimes we'll be good at something or have a talent and just don't think God can use it. You just have to remember if God put something on your heart, He doesn't give us passions without a reason, He intends for you to use it."


Would you like to use your talents in dance? Check out ideas here.