Church Partner Connect your church to a church overseas


Why help?

Your church can have a global impact. Partner with Christian brothers and sisters around the world, stand beside them and pull for them in prayer and in action. Email with leaders and pray with them. Encourage them in their relationship with God. Do church or group fundraisers for special needs faced by these churches and help, because you can. Because it feels good to know you are making a difference in someone’s life for the better. Because God commands us to look out for the less fortunate and will bless you for doing  it. Because you would want someone to help you if you were in a situation of need. Because it’s the right thing to do.

There are 3 main ways you can help:

1) PRAYER. This is a life-changing effort that can be heavily persecuted. Pray for the leaders of the Hope for India Project, as Christians are a persecuted minority in India. All the workers are currently self-supporting. About 90% of their evangelistic work is done throughout the Hindu and tribal peoples in rural and urban slum areas. Workers hold regular outreach events and have planted 7 churches so far.

Religion has always been an important part of the India’s culture. The vast majority of Indians associate themselves with at least one religion. Indian census has established that Hinduism accounts for 80% of the population of India. The second-largest religion is Islam, at about 13% of the population. About 2% of Indians consider themselves Christians. (Census of India, 2001)

2) CHURCH SPONSORSHIP. Your church can sponsor a church plant in India each month, receive prayer requests, pictures and updates.  You can personally communicate with leaders via email. Sponsorship requires a monthly commitment of $200.00 to a church plant overseas. Contact us  if your group is interested.

3)SPECIAL NEEDS. Connect your small group, church group or bible study with a way of helping around the world. Sponsor a special need of overseas projects – such as providing water filters for the orphanage or Bibles for the churches or HIV/AIDS medicines for the outreaches. Many of these special needs can be met through networking or through fund-raising.

Check out the MANY fun fundraising ideas your group can try on the IDEAS page. Contact us if your group is interested.

Download Resources to share with your church or church group about what is being done and how they can get involved!

“It has been incredible to see a pure heart of compassion being nurtured in these children.These kids are giving to those they’ve never met before, children across the world…because they’re understanding what Jesus meant when He said to feed the hungry and clothe the naked. It’s the simple gospel being preached by this young generation, not only in words but in action.”



Global Outreach Church
– For donating funds towards the “Literacy-Free 12 Step Expressive Arts” trainings in Zambia
– For regularly inviting guest speakers
– For regular missionary support for the Hynson family

Grantham BIC
– “Missions Sunday” giving toward general needs of India, Zambia, and Costa Rica

Hope Fellowship
– For regular monthly support  and use of office equipment.
– For donating funds to provide Telegu spiritual resources and materials to church plant pastors with Hope for India Project and for their youth group’s letter exchanges with the orphan children.
– For donating funds towards the “Literacy-Free 12 Step Expressive Arts” trainings in Zambia
– For regular missionary support for the Hynson family

Mission Committee of First Presbyterian Church of Pottstown, PA 
– 2017-current grants for child sponsorship as well as programming

Idaville Church of the United Brethren in Christ
– For support of previous Missionary Jason Stansbury
– For regularly inviting guest speakers

Bethany EC Church Missionary Society
– For support of previous Missionary Jason Stansbury

St. Paul’s Parish, Kent
– Donations for Chisomo Zambia as well as  towards the “Literacy-Free 12 Step Expressive Arts” trainings in Zambia

The Worship Center
– For providing office space, some office supplies and use of office equipment.
– For short term missionary support for Gibson Simwaka, Zambian math teacher serving in our mobile schools in India
– For general donation for Mobile Schools in India

Damascus Wesleyan Difference Makers
– For regularly sharing about us with their congregation and for their Sunday School children’s classes exchanging letters and photos with the orphanage overseas, as well as donating a portion of their Sunday School offerings to overseas projects.
– For inviting guest speakers

Shalom Fellowship
– For donating 100 Telegu Bibles to church plants with Hope for India Project so they can have Bibles in their own language. Thank you for your sacrificial giving and this incredible blessing!!