As we colabor alongside indigenous leaders in Zambia, Costa Rica, and India, we also provide trainings and professional development to students, professionals, and community members of all backgrounds.  Our goal is to expand the capacity of local people to make differences in their own communities.  We strive to ensure that every training is culturally appropriate for its context, meets the felt needs of local groups and leaders, and contributes to sustainable outreaches. We welcome all support and participation as we work toward a more just, self-sufficient, interdependent world.

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Literacy-Free 12 Step Expressive Arts Therapy:

This training includes a group counseling curriculum intended for drug and alcohol dependent populations.  Though written originally to help substance-dependent (and often illiterate) homeless youth in Zambia, there is also a North American version of this curriculum available as well. Training in Zambia has been endorsed by the Ministry of Health. Training in the US is offered regularly in Maryland and is approved by the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists for 6 CEUs. This curriculum has been the subject of multiple clinical studies. Click here!



Professional Development Trips:

A wide range of previous training topics include best small business practices, community savings and loan, sewing skills, tailoring and carpentry. This is where the mission field meets your field of expertise. If you are interested in leading a workshop in your area of skill and would like to see if it is a good fit with current need / interest, please check out this page and then contact us.  Click here!