COLABORERS ZAMBIA is Zambian-led nonprofit registered under Zambia’s Ministry of Community Development. We serve under-resourced communities of Zambia. We support locals as they identify and solve problems with local interventions to bring lasting impact to the community. Download our pamphlet here.  Read about the launch event we had for the branch on our anniversary here! 

SPECIAL NEED: Please give toward Nanyemba, our program director in Zambia, as she oversees the work helping needy women and children.


Prior to forming the branch, CoLaborers International has been assisting locally-led community organisations in Zambia since 2012 – sending academic interns (1 month – 1 semester) and missionaries (1-3 years) to train Zambians in specific skills areas. CoLaborers International provides scholarship monies for street children and youth to attend boarding school. Beginnings were at Chisomo Centers reaching street children and empowering women.

Capacity Building:

CoLaborers International has given professional trainings for Zambian-led organizations to increase their capacity in various areas – such as in small business skills, in drug and alcohol curriculum, in seamstress skills, in carpentry, and in a specially developed education curriculum for street children. Most notable of these trainings was in 2018 June when we trained 40+ Zambian NGOs in a culturally appropriate and scientifically valid curriculum “Literacy-Free 12 Step Expressive Arts Therapy” aimed at helping addicted youth and adults.  This was approved by Zambia’s Ministry of Health and was also done in collaboration with Rotary International Foundation, including local Rotary of Lusaka Central. A clinical study followed trained organizations as they delivered it to their communities with amazing results. See it published in scientific journal Addictive Behaviors Reports here.


Drought Relief: 

Over 700, 000 Zambians face food scarcity due to COVID. We fed 698 families during this pandemic and continue to reach out. Mealie meal is ground white cornmeal used to make nshima, a staple in the Zambian diet. About $10- $12 buys a bag per family. Please donate below to help.

Mail checks to CoLaborers International. PO Box 959 Chestertown MD 21620. Make out to CoLaborers International. Write “CoLaborers Zambia” on the memo section of the check please.  All giving is tax deductible.Having problems? Click here – 

Child sponsorship:

We are re-launching our child sponsorship program to focus on poor families in rural villages. This is special to our hearts, as our staff Kelvin is from such an area, walking 10km to/from school each day as a child. Our program director, Nanyemba was also a sponsored child when she was small. We personally know the value of child sponsors to change lives. There are 3 terms in the Zambian school calendar.  Letter exchanges are also 3 times a year. While these children are often from single-parent homes, living in poverty situations, or struggling with special education needs – we are inspired by their tenacity, their future dreams, and their hunger for education. Contact for more information.


Sponsor a Child

Click below to be billed for the first term only. After that, we will remove the child from the website and follow up request from you each term while giving child updates. There are 3 terms a year. Younger grades are $50 a term. Older grades are $70 a term.