Intern Where the Mission Field meets your Field of Study!

Today, students can intern or volunteer abroad or stateside for academic credit or experience in over 15 fields of study. Interns hone their skills, learn new concepts and build their portfolios while helping indigenous-led community organizations abroad.


You can intern wherever you are! These interns have a weekly one-on-one video chat with their supervisor for review of weekly assignments/projects, topic discussions, and resources and readings for upcoming assignments. They follow a weekly syllabus/ goals, log their hours and have the benefit of knowing that the projects they work on directly connect with current needs abroad.

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International internships are total immersion. They are one-part mentoring by a local leader and one-part serving in your field of study in a missional context. Cost varies by location. International interns are provided cultural training before starting internship and re-entry debriefing upon return. Interns have the opportunity to serve alongside indigenous leaders and to use their skills with a missional emphasis.

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  • -Academic credit as approved by university
  • -Recommendation letters
  • -Certificate of Completion
  • -Notification of future staff openings, opportunity for continued service

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(availability may vary by location and season)

– Administration
– Athletics
– Christian Ministry
Creative Arts (music, dance, drama, art)
– Biblical Studies
Elementary Education
– Film
– Financial Planning
– Graphic Design & Mixed Media
– Humanitarian Aide
– Human Services
– Intercultural / Global studies
– Marketing / PR
– Non Profit Development
– Peace & Conflict Studies
– Project Management
Social Work
– Spanish
– Women’s Studies
– Youth Ministry


“CoLaborers International has hosted interns from Messiah College in the past, and the students have had a terrific experience…Beyond that, however is the passion with which the organization is run. They love what they do and it shows. Attention to detail is also a real plus in their favor, especially as it relates to internships and oversight.”
– Michael True, Director, Messiah College Internship Center

“I so enjoyed my experience serving with CoLaborers this summer! I particularly enjoyed seeing firsthand how my field of psychology and Christianity can be integrated practically in art therapy through my research, my meetings with my supervisor, and seeing CoLaborers’ expressive arts curriculum in practice. These factors took my mental concept of what counseling and Christian integration in the field might look like and showed me what it actually looks like in practice in real life, which has helped me begin to clarify my professional goals moving forward. Also, on a personal level, the internship touched four of my top passions: the Lord, missions, art, and psychology! I consider myself so blessed to have participated in an internship that has shown me how to take my interests and cultivate them into skills that I can use to serve others.” – Gabrielle, Psychology Research, Regent University – US 2020

“I had a great experience working with CoLaborers International. I learned a lot about other cultures, and my eyes were opened to how big our God is. I also learned some professional skills, like how to communicate with people who don’t speak my language and how to gauge a kid’s learning experience and be able to adjust my approach to teaching as necessary.” – Natasha, Liberty University, Math Education, India 2019

“CoLaborers Intl. provides a wonderful internship experience that helped me to incorporate God’s work and message to help others around the world. There are many takeaways and new skills that I have collected over the duration of my psychology internship that allows me to further enhance my skills and utilize what I have learned in other job areas. A true blessing to have gained these transferable skills and working for CoLaborers. May God bless this company further and see their work through.” – Arielle, Messiah College, Psychology Research – US 2019

“During this experience, I was able to go outside my comfort zone and volunteer alongside people who helped me grow in both my teaching skills and faith. The people in India were so welcoming and willing to accept what we had to offer to them. This trip has given me the reassurance that I want to have a career working with children and possibly doing long term missions in the future.” – Carly, Liberty University, Elementary Education – India 2018

“I’m really grateful for the telecommuting internship. It has provided me with a flexible schedule that has allowed me to serve, gain experience and knowledge in the non-profit sector, and learn new skills. I enjoyed the variety of projects I was able to work on. I thought the telecommuting internship was structured very well and would recommend it to anyone. This internship altered my understanding of what it looks like to serve God. I learned that there are so many ways we can serve God and take part in building up His Kingdom with other believers. God can use any major, skill, and passion to glorify Him as long as there are willing people!” – Rediate, Towson University, Non-profit development, US 2018

“As I worked for CoLaborers this summer, I was struck by how much change a few people can inspire… I have learned what it means to serve others and submit myself completely to God’s plan.” – Erin, Patrick Henry College, Financial Planning & Data Analysis, US 2017

“I saw the stories of the children, women, and families changed and aided by the missions in Zambia and India, and I was privileged to tell these stories through the promotional videos we created. It was extremely fulfilling knowing my work would support and promote the missions in India and Zambia.When I started the videos, I was unsure how I would make a suitable product. But I gained a lot of confidence in myself through my supervisor’s confidence in me. I was able to research and practice video editing techniques, and these projects are reminders that I can succeed in what I set my mind to accomplish.” – Erica, Liberty University, Film, US 2016

“It gave me the foundation that I can use in my future career. Thank you for giving me this opportunity!” – Meghan, Liberty University, Marketing, US 2016

“Working with CoLaborers International to go to Chisomo Centers has been a dream of mine for a few years now. Part of my heart has been invested in those street kids long before I met them and my time there had became so much more than I even expected. This time in Lusaka was a confirmation of my calling in the Lord and I am so grateful to have gone and to love and to be loved by these amazing kids, even with so many odds against them. It was beautiful to watch that glimmer of hope in them grow. The chance at a better life they have found at Chisomo.” -Brittany, Liberty University, Psychology Counseling – Zambia 2015

“Serving with CoLaborers International at Chisomo Centers not only allowed me to impact my future, but the futures of kids whose lives are so important to God. They have so many dreams and aspirations and to play a part in realizing those dreams is something that will stay with me forever. Whether it was spent leading a literacy lesson or playing kickball, my time in Zambia was very well spent.” – Spencer, Messiah College, Elementary Education – Zambia, 2015

“I really felt as though my internship with Colaborers helped me to see the inner workings of a nonprofit. As the financial planning intern I was able to see what Colaborers was doing on a business level in order to help fulfill their overall mission. This experience helped me to understand where my skill set could be used to help better the world.” – Leo, Messiah College, Financial Planning 2015

“I enjoyed being able to make a difference with such a great organization. It is true when CoLaborers says that interns can make a difference either abroad or domestically, right where they are. I enjoyed seeing how my projects made a direct impact in helping the organization reach its goals and mission, even on an international level. I also think that the marketing internship is a great opportunity for interns to implement their skills, building experience with the tactical side of marketing.” – Victoria, Messiah College, Marketing 2015

“Interning with CoLaborers was all in all a great experience. Not only did it give me valuable experience and develop my skills, it taught me to show the love of Christ wherever I am placed. During my time with CoLaborers I was challenged mentally, emotionally and spiritually which I think is vital for growth. Being put in a position that you are uncomfortable in is part of maturing and CoLaborers did a great job developing and preparing me for the real world. But most importantly, it taught me to remember to do all things for the glory of God. Another thing I enjoyed about interning with CoLaborers was the friendly Christian environment. I felt part of a team that was always encouraging and willing to help you when you are struggling with anything. I love what CoLaborers stands for and that is sharing the love of Christ wherever and whatever God is calling you to be. I have seen God do big things during my short time helping and I am positive that He will continue to bless this institution for the years to come. I am very grateful for everything CoLaborers has shown and taught me and I hope to work with them again in the near future. ” – Jomer, Marketing & Web Development 2014

“I have really enjoyed my time with CoLaborers.  I was given both the guidance and freedom necessary to learn and have a positive effect on the work CoLaborers is doing.  I am planning to continue helping out, and I am excited to see what God does through my continued association with CoLaborers.” – Adam, Liberty University, Financial Planning  2014

“My internship experience was beyond what I thought it would be. I had an amazing time getting to know the people I worked with along with members of the drop-center and orphanage. Through my Zambia internship, God revealed to me that someday I’m going to return to Zambia and live there long-term. I fell in love with the people of that country.” – Chimwemwe, Liberty University, Social Work – Zambia 2013

“Interning with CoLaborers International has grown me in ways beyond what I could have ever imagined.  Through this experience, I have truly learned what it means to be a Christian counselor and how to show the world your beliefs through who you are.  Working in this field has been an immense blessing, and I have no doubt that God is doing incredible things through this ministry.” – Jonathan, Liberty University, Psychology Research 2013

“Investing my efforts into CoLaborers’ internship position has been an invaluable experience that I have been blessed to experience. From learning about the principles and foundations of non-profit development as well as gaining a more developed global perspective, I have grown as a professional, a student, and an individual. CoLaborers has encouraged me to think of others around the world that we can assist stateside and internationally to create Christian friendships.” – Cara, Washington College, Non Profit Development 2013

“I had the opportunity to intern with CoLaborers International and Chisomo in Zambia. My month there has impacted my life in multiple ways, including giving me a different worldview and expanding my view of Christ. I learned how to put myself in the children’s shoes in order to understand and be of greater assistance to them. I was stretched in areas of endurance (there is never down time), patience (working with a different culture can be trying at times), and ultimately in my faith. God used my experiences in Zambia to challenge my thinking and way of life to bring me closer to Him and direct me on His path. In Zambia, two roads diverged on a dusty path, and I was challenged to take the one less traveled by.  And by God’s grace, I have. He directs my path now wherever I am, Zambia or America.” -Allyson, Messiah College, Health & Hygiene – Zambia 2013

“Interning with CoLaborers this past summer was a great experience for me.  I not only learned many different business skills and processes while interning, but also applied this knowledge to real, hands-on business assignments. This internship gave me invaluable experience concerning organizational development, while also giving me the opportunity to work and help with ministries in Zambia and India that are assisted by CoLaborers International.” – Nathan, Liberty University, Non-Profit Development 2013

“Translating videos from Portuguese to English was my job in this project. I didn’t think much of it, and didn’t understand how it could impact me. I thought, “It’s just videos.”But then I found myself laughing at the kids’ jokes and trying to sing along as one of the boys sang his rap. I also found myself crying and praying for all the people involved, and that somehow, what I was doing would help them. Translating simple videos changed me, my perspective in what it means to be a Christian, and what I am called to do. Thank YOU, for giving me this chance.” -Mariana, Linguistics / Translation  2011

“I was really happy with this because I’ve never done anything like this before. My professor was really impressed with this. I had a lot of illustrations that I did but I wasn’t really making any big breakthroughs. [After seeing my work with CoLaborers Int’l] My professor came back to me and said, ‘I’m really proud of you‘.” – Christine, Salisbury University, Graphic Design 2009

“I could think of nothing else that made more sense than to help right then from right where I was in America. I guess that is why I wanted to do this internship… I was able to take real people with real stories and share them in an artistic way that I love.” – Tyler, Messiah College, Film  2008