Member Care Preventing caregiver burnout

“I am trying to find the balance between spending time with friends and taking time for myself. With the help of the CoLaborers International Member Care Counselor, Terra, I have been able to reflect and identify self-care tactics. For example, I was introduced to Goma Lakes on the University of Zambia campus, and it was proven to be a refreshing place for my soul. I didn’t realize how much I missed nature until spending some time there. I plan to make weekly visits to satisfy the nature lover in me. My spiritual walk has grown as well. My relationship with God is growing stronger by the day.” – Missionary Ally Olkowski


We have a dynamic member care program for our staff members in which all can talk with a member care specialist for free. Our member care specialists are professionally trained and offer an objective ear and compassionate heart to assist all those who serve through CoLaborers International.  The main goal for member care is to be proactive rather than reactive through a myriad of services which prioritize self-care, establish peak performance, and promote stress reduction and healthy processing.

Missionaries have a divine assignment given to them by God and at CoLaborers International we develop comprehensive member care teams to provide encouragement, guidance, and support during all stages of mission work.  Through the development of a unique member care plan and team, we believe missionaries can find respite from the struggles of being on the frontline of spiritual adversity, as well as the trials of life that come to everyone.  Each missionary is assigned a member care specialist who will “virtually” travel along side him/her throughout the entirety of time with Colaborers International.

International interns also benefit from member care during a debriefing retreat upon their return.

The group debriefing retreat includes group discussion, individual sessions, time outdoors (kayaking journaling and meditation), a group bible study, as well as a discussion and tips on handling re-entry culture shock.