Missionary Sarah

Sarah  comes to CoLaborers with an impressive amount of experience in relief work and community development through economic empowerment. She has previously served in Haiti, Ghana and Zambia.
In 2014, the Lord touched her heart to serve through CoLaborers International as a missionary. She will be serving in business as missions to Chisomo Centers in 2015.

Sarah will be teaching a savings and loan curriculum that she helped to produce, as well as assessing and assisting the sustainable income generating projects (Mother’s Programme) that Chisomo has begun. She will work with local leadership to build on the capacity of the economic empowerment projects they have already found to be effective.

Chisomo is a Zambian-led organization that runs both a drop in center and over night shelter for street children in Lusaka. They provide education, basic care, bible studies and seek to reintegrate children back into families.

The rapid increase in the population of street children in Zambia in recent years has been attributed to poverty. It has been estimated that 73% of Zambia’s population are living in poverty. Poverty pushes children in poor families to the street to survive. When children are reintegrated into families, the problem of poverty persists.

To address this, Chisomo teaches  mothers how to make and sell tie dye chitenges and various handicrafts, as well as to grow and manufacture peanuts or “ground nuts” into peanut butter to sell to supplement their income. This is both a preventative measure for at-risk families, as well as a supplemental measure for families that have taken children back into their homes.

Please stand with Sarah as she assists this ongoing work and provides support to local leadership. Please pray for her and lend your support as she begins this journey.


Thank you so much for your support! Sarah has now returned to the States after her time of service working with Chisomo’s Mothers’ Programme, an economic empowerment program for women. She sowed the seeds for what would become an exciting grant from Rotary International in 2016 which provided sewing machines for the women in addition to the sewing machines that CoLaborers also purchased. This became the beginning of our “fashion as mission” trips! The women’s projects have sold stateside at Twigs & Teacups (Chestertown, MD) as well as are available on Etsy here – www.etsy.com/shop/colaborersintl