India is the 2nd most populated country in the entire world with a population of 1,148,000,000!  [1]

Although a rich country in many respects, India still suffers widely from high poverty levels, malnutrition, illiteracy and corruption. India has over 1 billion people; of this number, it’s estimated that around 2.3 million people are now living with HIV AIDS. [2-6]

 Religion has always been an important part of the India’s culture. The vast majority of Indians associate themselves with at least one religion. Indian census has established that Hinduism accounts for 80% of the population of India. The second largest religion is Islam, at about 13% of the population. About 2% of Indians consider themselves Christians. [7]

There are about 25 million orphans in India. [8] UNICEF believes that the number of orphans will continue to rise globally due to HIV/AIDS. [9]

“Pure and undefiled religion before God is this –
to visit orphans and widows in their affliction
and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.”


Who and how we serve

We assist a children’s home of  children in Tenali, AP, India. These children are all enrolled in our child sponsorship program, which provides for their educational and basic needs. We have seen many of these children through school and onward through completion of university. You can sponsor a child here.

In slum areas surrounding Tenali, outdoor school outreaches are led in areas without access to formal schools and education outside of these outreaches. Prior to serving, volunteers receive cultural training and are trained in the curriculum, which was developed to use simple, found objects as teaching materials. It is not meant to replace school, but it does provide foundational basics needed in areas without current access to formal education. To serve, apply online here.

Workers have planted churches of Hindu-converts to Christianity. Most of their evangelistic work is done throughout the Hindu and tribal peoples in rural and urban slum areas. Pray for these churches to continue to grow!

Pray for medical camps for people with HIV/AIDS provide antiretroviral medications and and provide spiritual support. Widows who have lost their spouses to AIDS receive care.

How Can I Help?

1) Intern  or Volunteer – click here!
2) Plan an event to meet a specific need – click here!
3) Serve in mobile schools in India’s slums!  Apply online here 
4) Church Partner – click here!
5) Sponsor a child – click here! You can sponsor a child in our program for $25 a month with the option to see them on through university. See the faces and read the stories of the children.

Mobile Schools in Slum Areas

In 2015, we had a vision to move beyond child school sponsorship for children in the city to additionally bring education to slum areas without school access. We developed an education curriculum and have been doing mobile schools since 2018. Serve with us alongside local leaders to teach math, science, literacy & bible outdoors in slum areas. Apply here! NOTICE – In an effort to slow or mitigate the spread of COVID-19, CoLaborers International will not be sending teachers and volunteers to India until summer 2024 for the mobile schools. You may advance apply. 


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