April 21, 2009



Charlie loves hockey, spend about two seconds talking to him and you will figure that out.

He also loves people. So, when he heard about the children helped by overseas projects we assist, he knew this was something he wanted to be a part of anyway he could.

Charlie knew he had to do something to help – but his talent was in sports, not in politics, or international justice. What could he do to use the skills he has to help in a big way?

Then it came to him.

The night of their next big game, they bombarded the audience with pamphlets telling all about the overseas project. They shared what people could do to get involved. Then they took up a collection during break.

The money raised went to help girls coming out of prostitution. Specifically, to buy sewing machines for the center where they go to learn a new trade and a new life. So, instead of selling their bodies, girls can sell clothing and toys they’ve made.

It’s about not only telling the girls about Jesus Christ who loves them. But, acting on that love to give them means to get out of their situation forever.

The next year, Charlie and his team did another benefit game – continuing their service.

“One of my purposes, being a Christian, is bringing the heaven to earth. Jesus talks about that. Bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth encompasses a whole lot of things – giving back to the poor, giving to the least of these. So, if I’m not doing that, as far as I’m concerned, I’m not fulfilling my purpose as a disciple of Christ. And if I call myself a disciple of Christ then I need to follow Him… this is just one of the ways that I’m giving back and again, using my talents for the glory of God.”


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