January 21, 2012



Sometimes, when we see a need for change in the world, it can be easy to close our eyes and tell God someone else needs to work for it. It can be easy to point fingers at every leader not doing something and take that as our excuse to do the same. It can be easy to declare it too big of a problem to be tackled and walk away. The Lord is looking for people that, seeing when action is needed, will say “God, use me! If no one else is doing anything, use me first. Begin with me.”

Jesus is speaking to the hearts of people that will use what they’ve got to work with to glorify God and help people – in small ways or in large ways. Linda Guzman and Gretchen Henner have servants’ hearts.

Linda Guzman first heard about the overseas projects we assist while she was away at the National Christian Multicultural Student Leadership Conference (NCMSLC) at Eastern University in Pennsylvania. She thought about it, held it in her heart and shared it with her friend, Gretchen Henner when she got back home to Indiana Wesleyan University.

What could she do to get involved?

When their Nutrition class assigned the girls to do a Matthew 25 project to feed someone that was hungry, they knew that their opportunity had come.

– market project at least a week in advance, use flyers! ‘n’ send emails
– make sure the stove in your dorm works before you start cooking
– don’t be afraid to improvise
– present the food attractively
– wear a teeshirt representing the project
– if you have left-overs serve it to your friends at a little party, asking them to donate at least a dollar for dinner
– estimate serving size before you begin serving (to avoid giving too much food at the beginning and not enough at the end)

“We decided to give to CoLaborers International because it sounded like it was making a big impact and that’s what we were looking for. We also liked how the project they supported were feeding patient in hospitals. As nursing majors, this was especially appealing. Then we needed a fundraising method, and we both like to cook. Linda knows a great recipe for chili. Our nursing professors love to support us, so it seemed like the perfect idea. It proved itself successful. We made over a hundred dollars with just one pot of chili and a pan of cornbread, feeding about ten professors. We were also able to raise awareness about the project when they asked what the money was for. We plan on doing it again”, Gretchen says.

Lives were changed because of Linda and Gretchen’s faithfulness to use what they had – cooking skills, chili, cornbread and hungry people – and find a way to glorify God in it. It helped feed some people in Indiana and overseas too!

“I think people are looking for opportunities to help. especially Christians. They are looking for a way to serve & most people will be supportive if you give them a cause to share with you.”, Linda says.

If you are faithful in the little, God will reward you and it becomes your training ground so you know how to be faithful in the much. It begins with a willing heart to be used by Jesus, prayer and obedience to act. Lives change based on that simple recipe.

“This fundraiser taught me that you do not have to do something big to make a difference. We were faithful & made the chili, & God showed up. It’s also important to realize that we by no means did it alone. Our professors were so generous, some paying twenty dollars for a bowl of our chili. Our God is big. A person cannot glorify God, but a people can. We were created to be interdependent”


What are some talents you can contribute? Something that you specifically can do? What are some interests, resources, friendships and hobbies you have? You can use them for the Lord!

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