About We are in the business of dreams

We’re the new generation of dreamers, the do-ers not the sleepers, the standers not the sitters, the feet to the pavement, the movers and shakers, the caregivers, the prayer warriors, the hand raisers, the faithful in the little & faithful in the much, the dreamers, the reality changers.


We want to help your dreams come true. To give you opportunities and steps to start using those gifts inside of you for God and to help people. To take action. To start living the dream.

It’s time for orphans and widows and needy people around the world to start dreaming again. You can help make that happen. This is where the mission field meets your field of study. Together we can reach more. If we all live for God and pool our gifts – we will see our world change for the better and see those dreams of a better tomorrow become a reality.

CoLaborers International assists international indigenous-led community organizations through volunteerism, aide, program development and support.

Founded in 2007 by Melissa Davis-Stuebing, CoLaborers International serves to empower indigenous-led missions while also giving people ways they can serve in their field of study/ expertise both locally and abroad. We are a 501c3 U.S. charity.

We emphasize sustainable capacity building as well as  holistic aide meeting spiritual and physical needs (James 2). We work primarily with orphans, vulnerable children and widows. We have assisted efforts in Mozambique from 2007-2012, India from 2009 to present and Zambia 2012 to present.

CoLaborers International assists indigenous-led groups through:

1) providing interns (U.S. & internationally)
2) providing in-kind resources
3) donor development and response
4) providing support through our child sponsorship and youth scholarship programs
5) sending missionary support staff to assist indigenous ministry long term, serving under local leadership
6) short term aide trips
7) professional development trips – professional training for indigenous staff and recipients

CLI Leadership

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Melissa Davis Stuebing:  President
Shelly Holland: Financial Director
Rachel West: Secretary
Brittany Hynson: Child Sponsorship
Terra Tuono-Shell: Intern Member Care
Jess Jasitt: Zambia Member Care
Jason Stansbury: Outreach Director


Shelly Holland
David Stuebing
Rachel West
Melissa Davis-Stuebing


John Annavarapu
Hope for India Director

Aaron Chilunjika
Chisomo Zambia Director


EIN: 64-0960198