Missionary Ally Grace

Ally Grace first served with CoLaborers International as an international intern in Zambia in 2013 serving street youth living on the street and teaching basic literacy, health and wellness skills.

Upon returning, Ally Grace continued volunteering through our U.S. telecommuting volunteer program starting the  At-Risk Zambian Youth Scholarship Program and founded a college chapter of CoLaborers International at Messiah College. Upon graduating, she answered the call to serve in full time missions and will now return to serve in Zambia again for 2016, this time as a missionary.

Ally Grace has a B.S. Biopsychology and a minor in pre-counseling and therapy from Messiah College.

Ally Grace serves as a mental wellness coordinator for the homeless youth and children living on the streets of Lusaka, Zambia that come to Chisomo Centers‘ drop in center each day. Many of these children have substance dependence, have been through trauma associated with life on the street and are in need of mental wellness services. Ally Grace teaches the “Literacy-Free 12 Step Expressive Arts Therapy” curriculum throughout the week to substance using children and also does individual mentoring.

“God’s grace is undeniably present at Chisomo and through the work that they are doing. I am honored to have the opportunity of working along side the Chisomo staff and volunteers as a CoLaborers International missionary. We are God’s laborers in a field ready for harvest. It is truly a blessing to serve the children and youth by providing mental wellness services.”

Ally will run drug and alcohol counseling groups for the street youth, have individual mentoring sessions with the youth and will also participate in outreaches each week to women in prostitution.


Thank you all for the support! Ally Grace served for the year of 2016 in Zambia as our mental wellness coordinator and also running a longitudinal study of our “Literacy-Free 12 Step Expressive Arts” program with substance dependent Zambian youth. Now stateside, Ally continues to remain involved and will be presenting the results of this study at Eastern Psychological Association’s 2018 Annual Conference.